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The following materials are available to all interested buyers and sellers. A quick phone call to my home hotline or e-mail me and I'll rush you the brochure's) you need.

Brochures For Sellers

For Sale By Owner: How To Sell Your Home In Today's Market
27 Free & Easy Fix-Ups: To Sell Your Home For The Best Price
Expired Listings: How To Sell A House That Didn't Sell
The Pricing Workbook: Pricing Your Home To Sell
Cost vs. Value: Remodels That Pay, and Five Mistakes To Avoid
Makeovers: Market-Smart Improvements Every Seller Should Know
Seniors: How To Decide When To Sell
Offers: Negotiating The Best Offer For Your Home
Divorce: What You Need To Know About Your House, Mortgage and Taxes
Selling Mistakes: How To Avoid The 10 Biggest Selling Mistakes

Brochures For Buyers and Sellers

Agency: Straight Answers About An Agent's Role
Lead Based Paint: Protecting Your Family From Lead Based Paint
Moving: How To Plan Your Move

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