Hi! I'm Chris Bowman.

I am a Full Time Real Estate Broker.

I'm an engaged Single Dad living in Palatine with my four Children.

A girl age 14 and a boy age 9. Plus 2 'Step Sons', age 11 & 12! Talk about a full house.

I am  full time Daddy, an Avid Fisherman, Boater, Outdoorsman, Camper and Canoe Explorer.

I love Cinema and Music.

Kissafish.jpg (105069 bytes) Wolf River1small.jpg (28678 bytes) Walleye 3-2000.jpg (619828 bytes) 

Survivors99.jpg (207688 bytes) This is a picture of the 1999 Bob's Riverside Canoe Trip Survivors

wpe29725.gif (185635 bytes) Larry's

I basically like to look ahead.

This is a Favorite Picture, 'The most Beautiful Sunrise'

sunrise.gif (21113 bytes)  Chris Bowman.

Photography and the Arts are  on my long list of Hobbies

I like to think I'm a Gourmet Cook, my kids disagree...

I'm also an Aquarist with a preference for Freshwater African Cichlids

A Gardener and Servant to over 1/2 acre in Palatine <grin>

An avid all be it average Pool Player

A college trained Airbrush Illustrator, Artist & Photographer

I'm a garage Woodworker

I enjoy Home Improvement Projects

Deck before & After.jpg (13781 bytes) What a difference a coat of Stain makes!

I am the Web Master of this and a few other Web Sites - [Self taught Computer Geek]

What else can I tell you? 

Please take the time to tell me what you think of the site.

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